Wednesday, 25 November 2009

No.188 Of Sir Reg & Awards

So there we have it. Legal-Island is now officially recognised as a holder of the Investors in People award. Said award was presented to us by Sir Reg Empey himself at a ceremony at Hillsborough Castle. This is a castle worth visiting if only for its toilets for they are quite special. Of course they're not signed toilets but cloakrooms at the castle.

Sat there waiting to be called for the photo I wondered just how many speeches that poor man has to do every week and whether he really wanted to be there. I say poor man but we shouldn't forget he volunteered for public service and the eminent post he now holds.

So where too now for the company and its people management? There are three more levels it seems bronze, silver and gold. I once got a bronze swimming award for jumping in a pool in my pyjamas and retrieving a brick from the bottom of the pool. I'm guessing Sir Reg's bronze award involves something a bit different.

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