Monday, 2 November 2009

No.173 Of Ten Green Bottles

I'm always forgetting my shower gel when I go swimming. Usually I leave it in the shower at the swimming baths. Occasionally I forget to take it altogether. Today was one of those days.

This is serious matter when a shower after a swim without any means of scrubbing off the chemicals leaves you itching all day. I asked the lady at the counter if by any chance they sold soap. She said she didn't but went to a lost and found cabinet to reveal about 10 bottles of shower gel others had left behind - 3 of which I immediately recognised as my own. "I'll have the green re-energise gel" I said. She seemed surprised that I could read the label from such a distance.

It's a big week this week here on the Island with the first of our Annual Review Conferences in Dublin where everything will be discussed from redundancies right through to discrimination and equality issues. It's a sell out so it's in at the deep end stuff. Hold tight everyone here we go....

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