Tuesday, 17 November 2009

No.183 Of Naked Flames & Howling Gales

Dublin again. This time at the Radisson airport Hotel. They have a naked flame burning in the foyer here. It's the sort of thing you want to try and blow out when the staff are not watching or hang around to see if anyone catches fire who themselves are not watching and expecting a naked flame to be right where you queue to check out. I wonder how much they paid an interiour designer to come up with that idea.

I'm in a room which is really nice. There's a problem however. There's a howling gale blowing outside and somehow it's whistle is going right through my bedroom. This may be because I'm right by the lift and the wind is coming up the shaft. The only way to stop the noise for some reason it seems is to open the bedroom door a tad. This can be done without compromising the room's security by putting the chain across the door whilst ajar. But I'm not sure how advisable it is to allow all those coming out the lift on the second floor and turning right full view of his Lordship in his jammies.

There's loads happening at work at the moment. During the past few weeks I've had lots of people come at me with ideas. I've gone at lots of people with my own ideas too. Now I have to start working out which of them all makes sense, which don't and which are damn right foolish. But how and using what? Aristotle, Pythagoras, bar charts, Venn diagrams, the toss of a coin or Ib dib dob dib?

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