Tuesday, 10 November 2009

No.177 Of Chips & Good Cheer

Last night I took a notion as they say in Northern Ireland. Took a notion that is, for a bag of chips. Only here I'm not too well versed in chip shop terminology and I wasn't sure whether I should be asking for a portion of chips (sounds a bit posh to me) a bag of chips or just chips. So I hedged my bets and said "a load of chips please" quickly and a tad slurred in case it sounded a bit out of place. The woman on the till promptly and loudly converted the request into something the fryers behind her would understand and they and everyone else in the chippy knew what I really meant which was "single chip". Single chip by the way is £2.10. They don't make it sound like you get a lot for your money that's for sure.

This morning I got up to 40 lengths in the pool. Hurrah someting to cheer about with my new fitness regime. I'm hoping that if nothing else when I do only 30 tomorrow it will make me feel like I've had an easy swim rather than a hard one.

No meetings today just a seminar this evening by Shel Israel author of a book on Twitter. Time to finish this blog, Tweet and then do some proper work.

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