Friday, 6 November 2009

No.175 Of the Big Five

Yesterday we hosted the first of our Big Five. "Annual Review of Employment Law 2009" started this year at the Red Cow Hotel, Dublin and what an opener it proved to be. The Hotel was in top shape and really looked after us as we looked after our delegates. The notes were first class and the programme, (though devised almost six months ago) was right on the money.

The day however belonged to the speakers who were on blistering form and one in particular, Marguerite Bolger S.C who took the second session on equality issues. When eavesdropping at the first coffee break the talk was all about Marguerite's presentation. When I asked delegates over lunch what they had enjoyed most that far they answered Marguerite's presentation. When I checked the scores today from the delegate evaluation forms it was Marguerite's name topping the list. When I asked the hosters who they enjoyed most they replied Marguerite. The only person not to answer Marguerite was our sound engineer Arnold. He answered "I can't remember her name but she did the second session".

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