Wednesday, 28 October 2009

No.171 Of Normal Folk and a Steady Stroke

Wow a whole day clear in the diary! Here's the challenge can I go from 9a.m. this morning full steam with no interruptions and leave at 5p.m. like normal folk?

Today is the third day this week that I've swam 30 lengths of the Antrim pool before coming in to work. I've finally worked out why it is that less fit looking swimmers still manage to pass me whilst going up and down. It's nothing to do with leg kick or how the arms enter the water. Nor is in the pull of the hands under the water. It's a simple thing called stroke rate. You can't go somewhere 12 km away in 60 minutes if you're only walking 8km an hour.

9a.m. approaches. Time to Twitter, sort the diary and work on a steady stroke rate til 5p.m..

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