Friday, 9 October 2009

No.160 Of Dames, Barristers & Priests

I've driving around in a borrowed car at the moment. This is a story for another blog. Turning on the music system as I drove to the pool this morning my lug holes were treated to the very best of Vera Lynn's war time songs. People complain today that video games and Internet relationships cause us to lose sight of reality. It's occurred to me that Dame Vera was propagating much the same over 50 years ago by belting out songs in the early 40s which would have you convinced that tomorrow you'll by on a beautiful tropical beach in the arms of the one you kissed last night at the end of the last waltz at the Hackney Empire.

It's been a strange week with loads happening but nothing much achieved or at least that feeling that lurks like the black dog that follows those who constantly feel themselves to be at the centre of chaos, disorder and mayhem.

I'm off to see an old friend in a local play tonight. He's a barrister but I always felt he was meant for the church. He's playing a priest and all he's got to do is act naturally...

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