Saturday, 3 October 2009

No.155 Of Chairs Floors & Unpainted Doors

I went to IKEA yesterday for the first time for to buy a set of blinds and came away with a trolley load of gear and a good £200 light. It's an enormous place with maps all over the place with big arrows saying "You are here". Makes a nice change going somewhere and feeling completely overwhelmed.

Less overwhleming is the task ahead today of errecting another 6 chairs for the new conference suite painting a couple of windows and shoving up a couple of blinds. Just when you think the job's been done you step back from it all take a few days off and realise that it's not as finished as you first thought. Thought there was just one door remaining to paint until I tried the new loos and discovered another.

Must get a jog in too and choose the direction carefully. The wind today is mighty - real nail your kids to the floorboards stuff.

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