Sunday, 4 October 2009

No.157 Of Factoring in a bit of Cynisism into the XFactor

Right that's it. No more XFactor. Last night was just ridiculous. They flew the contestants all over the globe to sing one shortened song and after 1.5 hours of viewing we still hadn't been told who was through and who was going home. This was despite the fact that at the beginning of the show we saw clips of the judges delivering the bad news. Not only that but they immerse these poor souls in utter decadence and celebrity and ask them all the same banal question "How much do you want this?".

I wonder if it is also fair to say that the XFactor producers could be just a little bit more green than they are. Last night's episode alone must have accounted for at least 5 unnecessary long distance flights when I'm sure the short listing would have worked equally well in London. And why the judges can't arrive for the auditions at least in the same limo rather than one each is beyond me. Come on guys why take yourself so seriously share a taxi or take a bike in.

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