Tuesday, 13 October 2009

No.162 Of Missing News & Professionals

There's almost no news about at the moment. Last night on News at Ten we heard about expenses repayments, the taped confession of a sex fiend (why did we need to hear this?) and a letter from 40 years ago from Eric Morecombe indicating he wanted to split up from Ernie Wise. Surely there must be something going on in some small part of the huge globe that we live in that can beat this? How does the Delimitri song go again "And nothing ever happens nothing happens at all the needle returns to the start of the song and we all carry on as before..."

Here's some news. I'm still trying to contact a barrister who despite 3 texts 2 emails and 3 phone calls hasn't got in touch. I'll give him 24 hours and then phone the police with a missing persons request.

Loads happening today including meetings with educationalists. I like educationalists they always seem passionate about what they do. Best of all when you contact them asking them to return your call they do.

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