Wednesday, 14 October 2009

No.163 Of Early Birds & Late Arrivals

The early birds saga continues. I was in at 7.15a.m. on the dot of opening time today and there were EBs legging it up the stairs to the pool to be first in and get a lane all to themselves. Give them their due they're a socialable lot full of smiles and friendly hellos. I'm afraid they don't get much warmth from me - they probably think I'm a grumpy git. But hey it's early. It's 7a.m. ish how can they expect anything else at such an ungodly hour?

We have our second seminar today in our new training suite. The big question is how many people will find us? We've upgraded our directions, sent out links to new online maps and short of floating a hot air balloon above our offices I'm not sure how much more we can do. It's 8.37a.m. and I don't see much sign of life in the car park. Guess the seminar will start late. I think we need a hot air balloon.

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