Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Day 8 17 March 09 St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day! What a great marketing day for the Irish. If only I could think of an equivalent for Legal-Island. It's a day for me in the office without any colleagues or phone calls which means I can get loads of work done whilst puffing a cigar! Marvellous!

Met Peter McBride of Carecall last night for dinner. He's just bought himself a Porshe with 3.8 litres of grunt under the bonnet. In other words a car with legs. He's off to Atlanta soon, then Spain then Malawi. It's tough at the top. We went to the Belfast Castle Restaurant for something to eat only to find it closed. We tried upstairs at the Hotel. No chef on. Went to the Landsdown Hotel and had bland soup followed by tasteless pasta. Northern Ireland cuisine hey...?

Finished Garry Kasparov's "How Life Imitates Chess". What a great book. I didn't think he'd make the connection between the two but he does many times over. I was more interested to read about how single determination, backed by mighty intelligence and a large dose of aggression can help you succeed in life.

Just started "The Tipping Point" and it has promise.

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