Thursday, 19 March 2009

Day 10 19th March 09

Trying to perfect the art of a powernap wherever I am for 10minutes around 8p.m! I'm working on the basis that a quick re-charge in the evening will get me through to midnight which adds an hour of reading plus Paxman on Newnight to my day. Must say Paxman has been on great form recently. And there's nothing like a waffly politician having to square up to a journalist with a meat hook!

Struggling a bit with latest read "The Tipping Point". It contains some interesting ideas but it's padestrian at times.

I note the line up for The Apprentice has been announced. It includes a Ben Clarke from Belfast
but no-one over 36. Smacks of age discrimination if you ask me. How are you Sir Alan?

Currently preparing for three meetings today. The biggest is the splash marketing meeting where 6 of us are aiming to act on ideas formulated one creative afternoon earlier this year to raise awareness of the Legal-Island brand.

Time for a swim. Trying for 40 lengths in 40 minutes unless boredom kicks in first.

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