Monday, 16 March 2009

Day 7 16 March 09 - Plane boredom

Yes! Result! A personal PB from Mr BP right at the beginning of the week : 40 lengths of the pool in as many minutes. The only thing that was stopping me from doing more was sheer boredom. I must find out whether there's such a thing as a waterproof underwater walkman I could use. Or should that be waterproof MP3 player or indeed MP4 player?

The flight home yesterday with Aer Lingus was great but I couldnt wait to get off the plane. I've never known an airline for playing such awful piped music to its passenger. It was fast paced piano music - a kinda of Benny Hill meets Schostacovich with them both in a hurry. If it was designed to get the passengers off the plane quickly it didn't work. Why do the passengers who take forever to get their bags down from the overhead bins (whilst standing in the middle of the isle) always choose to sit at the front of a plane?

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