Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Day 15 24 March 09

Swam 20 lengths last night. Finding this exercise increasingly difficult. Boredom strikes much earlier than it ever used to. Also, if you go to the pool anywhere near closing time you can't access half the facilities you need because the life guards are already cleaning & packing up to get away. You can't get in the male only showers, access to your lockers is impeded by yellow plastic gates dotted everywhere marked "Cleaning in Progress" and if you're not careful your feet at least will get a good hose down as they stroll by with an over zealous hosepipe. Right that's my Victor Mildrew rant out the way. Feel much better.

It seems it's Sir Alan's birthday today. Happy Birthday Sir Alan if you're following. He's 62 and far too old to go on his own show as a Candidate. At least that is what our Press Release will say today when it goes out suggesting the line up again smacks of age discrimination.

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