Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Day 16 25 March 09

Currently Blogging from the Interent Cafe at the Europa Bus Station. I think I'm getting old. I'm so irritated by the adverts on the commercial radio blasting out that it's all I can do to stay here at the keyboard. At least in the car you can listen to Cool Fm until the adverts come on then switch for more music somewhere else.

Attended the Legal-Island/Belfast Telegraph Annual Human Resources Conference today. It looked good with a healthy enough attendance bearing in mind the current econmic climate. The speakers did well includingt Peter McBride who was on fire.

Finished "The Tipping Point" last night. Must say I'm really disappointed by it. It started with so much promise but fell flat by midway through. The chapter with Sesame street as a case example was particularly hard going. When reading it I couldn't help but be transported back to December 1999 at Ashford Castle, Ireland. We'd checked in for a Christmas break and one of the guests was going round to everyone with his arm up a puppet's arse shouting "Big Bird Big Bird" to everyone. A few seemed amused. Other were polite enough to fake amusement while increasing numbers, as the break went on, became more and more irritated. Come Christmas Day he was still at it and he was lucky not to end up head first either up his own bird or the huge one of the dining table. Afterwards someone told us he was the man from Seasame Street and we faked interest.

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