Monday, 23 March 2009

Day 14 23 March 09 - Of Millionaire Row

Well having consulted staff today (which every good boss should do apparently) it seems that "The Secret Millionaire" made many others cry last night not just me. Kevin Morley, the Millionaire, was mighty with great people skills and looked every bit the man who was destined to succeed in life.

I can't help but wonder as the popularity of this show increases whether it is going to encourage all those in run down areas to be terrible sweet to all casually dressed but well spoken people new to a neighbourhood in case they produce a cheque for thousands after just knowing them for 8 days.

We're press releasing on The Apprentice this week to the tune that the young line up smacks of ageism. Wondering how the whippersnapper just how over the top Belfast's Ben Clarke of The Apprentice is likely to be.

Picked up my first Foller today. Result! Wonder who wifeofwimbledonwannabe could possibly be?

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