Friday, 20 March 2009

Day 11 20 March 09 - Of fallen stars

Wow! Friday already. The great weather has convinced me its better to play tennis today rather than fire up and down a pool 40 times for my daily exercise. My tennis partner is, like me, a former Wimbledon wannabe. We both muse and lament after each match how good we once were as juniors and how bloody awful we are now as seniors. When I play him I'm ruthless and aim to win the point in no more than 3 strokes. This is for no other reason than if it goes to 4 I know I'll be too knackered to get the shot back..

Yet another day full of meetings but also some serious in between work. The Legal-Island web site is coming on but it's still not firing on all cyclinders. Until you can google anything at all and get us in first spot I wont be happy...

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  1. Barry

    I witnessed the fragile post match state of your tennis partner on Friday night. What your blog doesnt make clear is that the three strokes you refer to were to his head with your circa 1979 tennis bat....