Thursday, 27 May 2010

No.311 Of The Irish News Awards

We learnt this morning that we've just been shortlisted for the Irish News Awards 2010 for two categories "Most Innovative Employer" and " Best Place to Work". The awards evening is on 17th June. The main speaker is Mark Pollock a friend of the company and someone who spoke for us a while ago in Dublin.

The awards are always great fun but fives minutes before the announcements are made there's an awful knott in your stomach and you go through all sorts of turmoil and "what ifs" before the lovely Karen Patterson finally puts you out of your misery. What it must be like waiting to know whether you've won on Oscars Nite I dread to think.

17 is a lucky number of mine and June my favourite month. Anything more than that and it feels like anyone's shout. Hey ho. Just got to wait and see like the rest....

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