Tuesday, 4 May 2010

No.299 Of Spoiling Elections

It's Election Day!

For many a year I didn't vote or even register to do the same thinking it wise to remain under the Poll Tax Radar. Last year I decided to register if only because it seems so much easier to apply for anything big such as a mortgage if you have. However, when I applied to register they weren't satisfied that I was who I claimed to be and denied my request. I let the thing go not really caring either way. But lo.. it seems they do actually believe me to be who I believe myself to be because yesterday a card arrived with my voter's number on it.

To the next dilemma. I happen to like all three leaders Clegg, Brown and Cameron. I think they're all very competent and compared to many politicians in many countries I think we actually come off quite well.

To my final dilemma I can't vote for any of these parties in NI (except the Conservatives and Unionists if you really accept what this is all about) and I really haven't been following NI politics to care that much or indeed cast a responsible vote. May be I should go along and Spoil. At least that way when the results are read out and they announce that 10 votes were spoilt you can at least almost see where your vote ended up.

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