Tuesday, 25 May 2010

No.310 Of Plotting and Planning

I was back in the pool with the early birds today after a break of about two weeks. My arms and legs were suffering by the 3rd length but hey isn't that why you're meant to exercise?

I can never work out that place. When its freezing cold and towards the end of the week when you'd think everyone wants to stay in bed the place is packed. This morning, on top of a glorious sunny morning there was almost no-one in.

Today, I have absolutely nothing in my diary. By that I mean zilch, zero, nada, nada "doublee" even. No meetings. No performance reviews. No conference calls booked. A great day therefore to get on with some really useful work and plot and plan the future development of the empire that is, Legal-Island.

But first a cup of herbal tea!

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