Saturday, 8 May 2010

No. 301 Of Natures Offerings

I jumped on my bike this morning and rode to work. It was a beautiful day. The early morning sun was pushing its way through the trees dotted alongside the river splashing gorgeous patches of light along the running water. The riverbanks were sprinkled with bluebells and wild garlic giving the fresh air a lovely aroma. The herons were already up and busy patrolling the waters or fishing in the waterfalls for breakfast.

It was one of those mornings that the nature around you makes you feel so upbeat about life that you just can't help but feel good about it and everything it gives you.

So in case I were to observe all this too closely one morning and end up in a fatal accident on my bike in the Salmon Leap water torrents may I put on record that the following makes me feel like a really lucky guy :

* Good health (and may I never take this for granted)
* A good education
* A thriving, buzzing pulsating, business
* A fabulous team of employees who are a delight to work with
* A small but highly treasured set of close friends
* A life full of some really character building experiences with the prospect of many more to come

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