Monday, 17 May 2010

No.306 Of Careless Whispers

I've had a miserable morning.

I was warned the seats were precious on the early morning train from Bangor to London particularly with flights grounded so I booked a seat in advance. I reserved a forward facing isle seat in a Quiet carriage by a table for my laptop and three hours of work. Instead, I got a backward facing tableless window seat in a very noisy carriage next to an aspiring George Michael lookalike who was slurping hateful looking protein shakes every hour whilst listening to his Ipod at full volume.

I checked into the hotel but was told to wait as I was too early for my room. I thought I'd play on the Internet for a while but they told me the connection was down. I tried to make a few calls on my mobile but there was no reception. A lady checking out warned me breakfast wasn't much cop either. It was kind of her but she may have wished she had said it a bit quieter for the receptionist gave her a quick glare like it was her who had prepared it herself. May be she did. It should at least taste better than a protein shake. Shouldn't it?

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