Saturday, 15 May 2010

No 305 Of Slowing Down to Speed Up

I'm all over the place this week. By this I mean I'm in Antrim, Anglesea, London, Dublin & Belfast - partly for pleasure but mostly for work.

I'm going to practice this new slow down to speed up concept and try and get everything right first time and get the very most from every bit of my week. So slowly I have prepared my suitcase and business paperwork, gathered my passport, credit cards, flight checkin print outs, and plastic bags for the creams etc etc. I am if you will and if I may, a walking travelling human Swiss army knife. Show me an obstacle and I have the solution to it or something to fix it with. But I've also prepared for the in-between meetings bit so when I'm in the car I'm listening to audio books. When I'm on the boat I'm tapping into a PC and when I'm on the train I'm listening to my Ipod. Is this slow down to speed up or what they called plugged in or perhaps even just "Wired"?

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