Thursday, 13 May 2010

No.304 Of Lolly Pops and Laughter

This week in my book belongs to our local lolly pop man. I'm not sure what his name is but he looks like a Fred or a Joe to me. He works a patch just over the railway crossing about 100 metres from Island House. He's busy that's for sure looking after two bits of road intersecting not far from what you might say its the hub of Antrim at least that time of the morning consisting as it does of a very popular Centra, a bus station, a train station and a school not far away..

On Wednesday of this week I sped past said Fred in the convertible with a colleague. The sun was shining, the roof was down and the music up. Our friend the lolly pop man leaned from his post on the edge of the corner of the pavement almost over the windscreen as we threw a sharp left at the junction and spurted out "Couldn't you afford the rest of it then?".

Sir Fred you made us laugh. Thank you.

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