Sunday, 2 May 2010

No.298 Of Widgets, Gadgets & Shot Guns

I've had my widget and gadget day yesterday and feel so much better because of it. I can now download "From our Own Correspondent" from the BBC World Service onto my Ipod and then beam it through an additional gadget at my car stereo such that Katie Aidie comes out my speakers sounding just as posh as ever as I drive along. It means I can also down load ITunes onto a data stick and play them from my car speakers or for that matter any radio in which I can work out how to get a frequency that no other radio station is currently using. Good stuff.

Spring has definitely arrived. I know this because I have a number of tweeting birds close to my bedroom window blowing their lungs off at 5a.m.. It's lovely to hear but I wish they'd do it an hour or so later when I have to wake up anyway.

My Mum's partner had a novel way of dealing with seagulls that used to wake him early in the morning. It was called a shot gun. "But their protected aren't they Alan?" she would say "That one ain't" came the reply as it tumbled off the roof.

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