Tuesday, 7 September 2010

No.383 Of Hubble Bubble and an Awful lot of Trouble

I went to dinner last night at a restaurant overlooking the Med. I have to confess that I was led astray by a Lebanese woman who proved to be a bad influence on me. She had me break a twenty year abstinence from fish by ordering shrimps and then another by ordering some "hubble bubble". This is the Arabian pipe that they smoke a lot here. It sounds and looks innocuous enough but some health expert has just reported that a session of hubble bubble is the equivalent of 100 fags. The flavour of the smoke was grape. Maraijuana flavour wasn't available apparently.
The shrimps tasted just as I remembered them all those years ago rather rubbery as I washed them down with some great local wine hoping there were no Veggie police in the locality ready to get me into an awful lot of trouble.
All I can taste now is the guilt.


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