Friday, 17 September 2010

No.390 Of Beauty Natural & Contrived

Boy nature's looking great at the moment. The huge tree outside my house that seems to get closer every year to my lounge window is just about to turn a glorious golden yellow while the woods nearby was bathed in glorious twilight sunshine on Friday evening.
I just wish I could be so complimentary about my new kitchen and extension for both are putting up quite a fight at the moment as I strive to take them to a state in which they could be said to amount to beauty in the eye of any beholder.
I spent a good part of the weekend painting. For some reason there's one patch on the wall that just doesn't seem to want to take my Magnolia emulsion despite my three goes at it. I'll try another final go late tonight when the wall's not expecting me. Failing that I shall plonk my biggest picture right over the top of it. No point letting it turn personal....

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