Saturday, 4 September 2010

No.381 Of Barry on Byblos

We were in Byblos last night which lays claim to being the oldest continually inhabited town in the world. It was also the playground of the rich and famous in the 60s before the civil war and you can see why. It has an idyllic harbour, gorgeous restaurants over looking the Med and some of the most beautiful old cobbled streets and markets you're ever likely to see. At night it comes alive and the place just buzzes. It reminded me of some parts of Ibiza but without the Brits or the drunks. I wonder if the two are at all connected?

After Byblos we headed back into Beirut to try a local Lebanese nightclub. We were knocked back on grounds of my shorts. I guess I should have known better having been refused entry to the Beirut Mosque for the same reason earlier that day. I feigned disappointment being glad to get back to the hotel as energy levels were plummeting. We plan another attempt this evening assuming Youngen has recovered from his own dose of the Trots. He's confined to the hotel bedroom room at the moment or put another way confined to the vacinity of within 50 metres of a loo.

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