Tuesday, 21 September 2010

No.391 Of Men and Their Dogs

I was in pain at 7a.m. this morning. No not stomach ache or nausea but from a stitch. For I had decided to run from the office to Lough Neagh and back at the crack of dawn and wow did it hurt..

Mind you it was a beautiful morning with a blood ride sky looking over the Lough as I "sped" round part of its shoreline on my way back to the office.

The only disadvantage to running at such an early hour is that that's the time when most of the dangerous dogs get walked on the basis that few other folks are around for them to attack. So each time I overtook a walker and his dog I did so with a certain amount of trepidation. Were they both going to step aside or would one try and unsuccessfully grab the other while I watched Mutley try and take a tasty lump out of my leg?

Dogs I have decided are much like men. In Glasgow when I worked as a barman I soon learnt that the men to be really wary of were the short ones with a complex and something to prove. This morning the Alsatians were carefully watched. The Jack Russells were given a wide birth.

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