Tuesday, 7 September 2010

No.384 Of The Lebanese Shimmey

We spent much of today at the coast soaking up as much of the sunshine and relaxation to be had before beginning our journey back to Syria tomorrow and then the UK after that. There are beautiful cafes and restaurants dotted along the Beirut coast line with terrific views as the sun sets over the Med and we managed to bless three of them with our presence at various points today.

I love this country and I have just two complaints about Lebanon. The first is the service which is not great. Locals tell me that this is because the Lebanese tend to tip better than foreigners so the former get the best of the attention while the latter get whatever is left. The other complaint is the driving. It's just a highway free for all. I don't think I've ever seen anyone here use an indicator and there are so few roads with lines anywhere to be seen. Few too seem to observe traffic lights (where there are any). You just drive, you toot and you shimmy for position. Bonkers but a whole load of fun...

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