Friday, 24 September 2010

No.393 Of Raised Expectations

I went swimming this morning for the first time in almost two weeks to see the Early Birds for I have missed their "craic" recently. For some reason they weren't there. May be like me getting up at the crack of dawn to make the 7.15a.m. cut is proving increasingly unappealing and difficult.

This evening I'm off to Edinburgh to see a musical written by an old friend of mine Julian Wagstaff called "John Paul Jones". Julian is a buddy from my university days in Glasgow. He was (and most likely still is) one of those very annoying people who could turn his hand to anything and do it well first time and most times do it quite brilliantly. We first met in a beginner's German language class. As I struggled to get my head round the grammar of the language and my tongue round the accent to him the former appeared obvious and the latter was well like he was just remembering the language rather than learning it for the first time. Sehr ärgerlich.

Probably about two years later I went to see him in a play he was in whilst studying in Berlin. It was the first time he had ever acted but you'd never had known it. Later that year he came to a party I had organsied whilst working at the European Parliament in Luxembourg. I asked him to bring his guitar which I had seen him carry about at Uni a few times to play a few songs if the moment seemed right. It didn't but that didn't deter him. He just got up in front of a large crowd of people he didn't really know sang and played a load of rock songs accoustically and raised the roof.

Here's wondering if he manages to raise the roof tonight. I expect so....

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