Thursday, 26 August 2010

No.376 Of Greatnesss in All its Forms

We had a really busy day yesterday at Legal-Island. It was the day of the great Legal-Island Antrim river clean up. In less than two hours we had fished out of our local river in a space not much longer than 100 metres three shopping trolleys, 2 bikes, half a T.V or something similar and goodness know how many bottles of beer. The local Mayor came along to lend her support although this seemed to be expressed more in the way she posed for photographs rather than help us lug the rubbish to where it had to go. But hey ho I suppose you can't let the ceremonial chain get dirty.
After the clean up we rushed back to the office for the great Legal-Island business barbecue. It started at 12.30p.m. and by 6p.m. people were still arriving. Pictured above are the Antrim Earlybird swimmers who came to partake in the great Legal-Island buffet table clean up. In the last photo Bruce explains the intricacies of car booting to conference manager Heather Stewart who had already had a hard day.
Altogether a great day at the office....

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