Wednesday, 18 August 2010

No.371 Of Best Guesses and Life's Puzzles

I checked the stats for this blog this morning. Yesterday I had visitors from all over the place. The two from Moscow I can explain. Likewise the clicks in Finland, Germany and Sweden for I have faithful friends there. Yes it may be random visitors from these countries I accept but it's my best guess that it's an old mucker from far afield checking up on me.

The click from Vietnam is more difficult to explain. For Vietnam I have never been to nor do I know anyone from that part of the world. Moreover, as far as I'm aware I don't know anyone who used to live in the UK and has for reasons of the weather or otherwise decided to emmigrate there. So who and why for pretty much every day for the last 12 months in Vietnam has clicked onto my page to follow this blog?

Boy, some of life's puzzles are almost unbearable to endure....

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