Monday, 2 August 2010

No. 359 Of Holiday Plans

I booked my summer holiday yesterday. I had the choices down to one of three destinations Japan, Route 66 California and Syria. Japan was discounted on account of the likely jet lag. Route 66 was rejected on account of the driving. I decided a relaxing holiday didn't amount to driving through three times zones and an awful lot of kilometres. So my personal travel assistant and nephew, David Watts and I are about to step onto the road to Damascus. Two weeks of Arabian nights spent in boudins smoking hallucinogenic pipes - yes that's the way to relax. This gives me just 28 days to achieve the following :

* Refine further company structure for arrival of new MD in September
* Finish off remaining programmes for second season
* Take on new staff
* Develop new software for the company
* Finish off performance reviews
* Decide whether or not to build further extension to premises.

I have a few personal objectives too :

* Swim half a mile every working day until I go
* Learn Arabic!
* Finish Warren Buffets "The Snowman" (I've started the monster of the book so I'll finish it)

Hey ho. A busy month ahead.

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