Thursday, 12 August 2010

No.368 Of Builders Blight & Barry's Flight

I wonder if there's such a thing as builder's blight? Over the last 8 weeks I've seen so many builders, bricks, slabs, stones, cement and dust. Yes an awful lot of dust. They're doing a great job but now all I want to see is my new kitchen, my new downstairs living area and my washing machine turning around and around making its way through my piles of washing.

I'd like to think there isn't worse to come but I fear there is. For this weekend it will be three days of decisions : wooden floor or tiles? If tiles then tiles that look like a wooden floor or that look like errr... tiles. If the latter, then what sort of tiles? Large ones? Smalls ones? Dark ones? Light ones? And where do I want these? Over both floors or just the one? And what about the walls what colour are they to be and what about the kitchen cabinets and what about the work surface marble or granite?
Oh gee I think I'll just not go home for a week. I'll live out and send a text saying "All in brown wood please".

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