Tuesday, 3 August 2010

No.360 Of Big Days in the Den

It's a big day today at Legal-Island. We plan our first appointment which doesn't involve yours truly. We've had 38 applications for one part time post many from law graduates who can't get a placement. Wow. It's tough out there.

Dragon's Den was superb last night. Probably the best show yet. They laughed, they partnered up, they rowed, they fell out. They sulked. One guy did the best pitch ever on the Den. His only problem was his product. : a football on the end of a rubber bar - what was the point?

The last punters on the show, as always, grabbed a load of cash but even then there appeared to be huge disagreement between the Dragons in terms of whether their product was going to take off. Business is loads of fun but no science which is why I suppose, it is so much fun.

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