Tuesday, 15 December 2009

No.201 Of Ballet and Bag Pipes

Wow! London! Last night I went to the Royal Opera House to see a ballet based on the stories of Beatrix Potter. It was spectacular and frightfully English as ballerinas dressed as mice, little pigs and rabbits lept about the stage to glorious music before a packed audience.

I met an old friend today for the first time in almost a decade. I've known him from my University days. He was always destined to succeed in life so it was no surprise to me to learn that he now heads the legal team at LLoyds Bank in charge of over 150 legal staff.

He's always got a great yearn to tell about a family incident and his one today was hilarious. Somehow he had been invited to play the bag pipes at a reception party in which Princess Anne was invited. The pipes he assures me are hard work to play and by the time she arrived he had already been going for an hour. When he asked the Royal scout how much longer he had to do when Her Royal Highness was in ear shot of the pipes he was assured that she'd stay for just a few minutes. It seems she stayed for almost 40 by which time he had blown himself blue and was one deep breath away from passing out and disppearing into the bushes behind him when she finally made her way out.

I'm off to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof tonight. It should be good although the reviews have been mixed apparently.

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