Saturday, 12 December 2009

No.199 Of Letter Writing Old Style

Well that's the Christmas Party over. For my Secret Santa I was given a couple of DVDs of Ricky Gervais's "The Office". Our Finance guy was given a box of balloons to make inflatable animals. What does this say about me and my company I wonder?

Things are definitely winding down here but they shouldn't be. We've still lots of things to do and achieve before the year's out. I wonder if any companies have a strategy of trying to go full out during December to achieve competitive advantage. It's a hard one to push though.

Currently I'm writing a few thank you letters to various contacts, clients and customers. I've forgotten just how bad my writing is. I wonder if the recipients will open the letter and think it's from Gordon Brown...My spelling is up the left too. How did I ever manage without a spell checker at school? I suppose the honest answer is that I had one. Her name was Sister Claudia and wow if I spelt something wrong I should have got right first time did she let me know about it?

Ho hum more paperwork to do before leaving the office this morning.

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