Wednesday, 2 December 2009

No.193 Of Work & Planning

It's plan, plan, plan at the moment as we try and straighten things out for next year. We're fortunate in so far as we have many options open to us and it's a case of working out which to select and act on. They're diverse too which is great. The more in the mix the better say I.

It's been an interesting year on the Island here with loads of development. One of our staff is returning to us later this month after 6 months away and I'm wondering if she'll recognise us. We've had a few personnel changes, a new training centre built and quite a lot of cosmetic work done too ("work done" as the euphemism goes nowadays). We now have a plaque on the wall as you walk in that says "Recognised by Investors in People" and great facilities which will hopefully attract new great staff as we continue to grow.

On the subject of which I'm busy at the moment drafting two job descriptions for marketing posts as our M&S team go on maternity leave early next year. Know anybody?

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