Monday, 14 December 2009

No.200 Of Strange Rules & Contradictions

My 200th blog. Goodness me. 200 pieces of inconsequential nonsense delivered to the faithful, the unknowing and the damn right careless 24/7!

I'm currently staying in a most bizarre hotel in Earls Court. It's a place of contradictions. You arrive and there's no-one to greet you. Just three machines in which you must check in, pay in advance and generate your own key card. Then you have to negotiate a series of corridors, sharp corners, stairs a foot bridge over to the hotel annex, a lift, more corners and corridors, two doors and finally your room.

Breakfast is a wholly different experience. The food is good. The porridge (specially ordered) arrives in super quick time and tastes better than anything I've tried anywhere (including my place). For the hostess service to be any better she'd need to sit down and personally feed you (a service I may well avail of in 40 years times if I'm spared that long). All the staff at the hotel including the cleaners greet you with a cheery hello and a smile as soon as you're on their radar.

I'm off to meet a banker friend for lunch in Mayfair today. Apparently, I have to wear a tie otherwise I wont get in. I forgot to bring my "statement" tie with me. It's yellow with black spots and very loud. I'm sure he'll be thankful.

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