Tuesday, 8 December 2009

No.196 Of Cycles....

Yesterday I spent all day in Dublin. I've still to try one of those rent a bike schemes where you can hire a bike for a few hours and return it to any one of a number of auto stations around the city. What keeps putting me off is the weather and the traffic in Dublin. You'll either get soaked or killed - a fairly good disincentive I suppose.

I met a lady called Krishna De in Dublin. She's in the top ten of Twitterers in Dublin. I liked her a lot and I expect we might do a bit of biz together at some stage. I met her on Twitter btw.

Loads happening today with meetings in Moira and Belfast not to mention catching up after yesterday's networking, designing a job spec for our Marketing post and a few Christmas letters out to those who have really helped or inspired us this year. It's amazing how quickly Christmas comes round.

Ho Hum Onwards...

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