Thursday, 1 March 2012

Of Quality, Quality, Quality

One of Legal-Island's mottos is Quality, Quality, Quality for that is what we promise and try to deliver on, every time. But we also enjoy quality when we come across it and I did on Tuesday this week. Allow me to share if I may and in no particular order :.
Quality Product One - a first class marketing seminar delivered by Grant Leboff  in London - well done to the guy.
Quality Product Two - Desert Island Discs interview by Kirsty Walk of Brian Moore. That's Brian Moore the English front row forward and star thug who confessed to being both an opera buff and a fully qualified nail technician. Fascinating interview.
Quality Product Three - another Kirsty Walk interview. This time with Lord Prescott who gave some great accounts of his time mediating between two men he described as highly intelligent and able : Blair and Brown.
A more down to earth tell-it-as-you-see it type of guy you're unlikely to meet.
Quality Product Four - yes you've guessed it another Kirsty interview (it was a long flight and train journey and my Ipod kept me sane) this time with Clive Stafford Smith the English lawyer who has defended over 500 people on death row. People have always questioned this guy's motive for doing what he does but I haven't. He found a calling and followed it. His account of how he walks with his clients into the death chamber and says good bye is very moving.
Quality Product Five - Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I never understood the fuss about this book at school. Re-reading it now and I can't fuss about it enough.Introducing one of her characters she says of the lovely Diana "Diana had a voice toned, to my ear like the cooing of a dove". People don't write like that any more.

Sometimes life feels good just because of the quality of what you see, read, taste, hear or experience.And to all of those above I thank you.

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