Saturday, 31 March 2012

Of Getting on Ya Bike

I've finally got my new bike on the road. It arrived with flat tyres that needed pumping but with no pump. I had two that didn't fit. I borrowed another two. They didn't fit. I ordered another online. It did the job.
The brakes had locked. A colleague helped. I wrestled with the bicycle lock to change the combination from 0000 to something I wouldn't forget. I only half succeeded. I managed to change it from 0000 but to a strange random number that likely I will forget. Most likely when it's chained somewhere far from home and when I need it most.
The bike has about 4,545 gears that I can tell - one for every possible bit of cycling imaginable and many more as well. The handle bars are shaped in a most unusual way. They look part racer part cow horn and if I didn't know better I would think they are inside out and back to front.
The saddle is comfortable though and that's the main thing. Exercise, as we all know, is best done sitting down.

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