Saturday, 3 March 2012

Of The Girls and the Boys

The girls are back - or at least they're back in action. It's like they've remembered what their purpose is here on earth. It is not to look pretty. It's not to eat Legal-Island out of house and home but to lay eggs. Ok the eggs aren't huge but they're beginning to pop out again after failing to show for a good few months. This means our egg networking can begin in earnest. In other words when a member of the Legal-Island staff goes out to meet someone they take a box of four eggs with them, often with a personalised label on it.
I've always found it quite amusing how each gender differs in terms of their response when given a box of our eggs. Males look at you with a degree of suspicion at first, like you're challenging their sexuality. But eventually they grow to like the gesture and thank you for it. Women on the other hand appear immediately delighted. They open up the box shut it again and shoot of their chair to go and show a colleague.

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