Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Of Bloggers of the World Unite

I think I might be onto something. I posted an advert on yesterday for a blogger to blog on behalf of Britney our top hen at Legal-Island. So far the response has been phenomenal. I've had 18 replies many of them pleading to blog for Britney claiming to have kept hens in their youth and to be able to get in the head of a good hen like no-one else can.
I've had all sorts apply from a published writer in India to a practising minister in the USA. We've had a woman in Educador volunteer and language student in Pakistan.
What would be great is if they could all do it. Each would blog for a month then hand over the life and soap story of Britney to another blogger. Britney you may soon be more famous than you could ever  know!

In fact, if you'd like to volunteer to blog for Britney for between 1 week and 4 (twice a week of about 100-200 words) then leave your details below or email me on telling me a little about who and where your are and what country you're from.

More on Britney and the girls can be found here Legal-Island

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