Friday, 3 February 2012

Of Wine Tasting

I've just applied to start a wine tasting course in Belfast next week. I guess I'll learn how to sniff wine, how to twirl it in the glass and how to talk grapes with anyone and everyone.
I'm wondering if you get provided with a bucket into which you have to expel everything you get to try. It seems an awful waste but then if you're driving home I suppose you've no choice. I could always take the train I suppose.
The only bottle of wine I am vaguely familiar with is "Blue Nun". We used to sell loads of this stuff in the pub I used to work at in Govan, Glasgow. Unkindly it became known as the "Winos' drink" being probably one of the cheapest ways for someone living on the streets to get drunk. And then something quite remarkable happened.
The makers of Blue Nun realised they had a perception problem. They began to do some blind tasting exercises with Blue Nun and other wines which when known many would have ranked as far superior in terms of quality and reputation. Blue Nun outscored its rivals every time.
If we're invited to bring a guest bottle of wine one evening perhaps I should bring a bottle of the old faithful Blue Nun. It fooled just about everyone... except the park winos it seems.

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