Friday, 17 February 2012

Of Me n Red Bush Tea

For a long time now I've been trying to find a herbal tea I like. It hasn't proved easy. Tesco do a fine range of herbal teas but their green tea tastes like and their fruit berry tea just doesn't work for me. For a good while I've been drinking peppermint tea trying to persuade myself that I like it. But I don't. Not really. It's neither refreshing nor thirst quenching.

But then last weekend Eureka! I tried some red bush and I really really liked it. It was soothing on the pallet, refreshing and left a lovely taste in your mouth. It smells glorious too like distilled pot pourri or something. I've tried a number of red bush teas before or "Rooi bush" as the South Africans call it but not thought much of it. But this tea is different. At last!

However, there's a problem. The only shop ever to sell this stuff that I can see is one I visited on Friday night run by a couple of Afghanies in Stratford East London.

Cuppa of red bush anyone?

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