Sunday, 26 February 2012

Of Musing Around for the Weekend

It's truly amazing what you can do on the web nowadays.You see I've been "musing" today. By that I mean I've been trying out a business idea the format of which has been strongly shaped by Tim Ferris's book "The Four Hour Work Week".
Regular readers of this blog (and why haven't you got yourself something better to do yet?) will know that I have formed "The Four Hour Work Week" club consisting of 15 business minds all meeting to critique and help each other build muses.This meets again next week and I know that they'll be loads of ideas and suggestions coming forward to help everyone muse more effectively.
So far this week musing I have come across Elance which is a fabulous site if you what to find a service provider to do just about anything relevant to the world of publication. I'm about to engage a gentleman in Pakistan to DTP a word document for me. This morning I found Problogger a directory of people all over the world who will blog and  write material for you. Yesterday a friend threw me in the direction of Payloadz a site which allows you to automate the process of sending a customer a document whilst also taking payment too.
The friend in question is Julian Wagstaff. I sent him the book a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday he was on the blower to me for a good couple of hours. Clearly he's gripped by it (the book not the phone..) and is already on his way to create his first muse which I think is going to sell and well if he gets it right. His track record to date suggests firmly that he will But will I? Therein lies the excitement of musing....

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