Friday, 10 February 2012

Of What Makes Me Grumpy

I see to be in a strange mood this week. It's something to do with my space and what invades it. I complained again at the swimming pool this morning about the announcements they make first thing. At 7.15a.m. a woman's voice comes at you over the tannoy saying "Attention, attention staff call all pool attendants proceed to poolside immediately". Once is ok but five more times and you feel like your ears have been mugged. They replied it has be like this for health & safety reasons but I'm not convinced.
I'm also down on companies that send me unwanted email. Before I just deleted it. Now I'm either reporting the email as spam by clicking a fancy button on my software (though where these reports go and what happens to them I don't quite know) or demanding to be unsubscribed.
It's interesting the lengths some companies go to to stop you unsubscribing despite the fact that by law they must allow you to do it. Some require you to confirm your email address. Others get you to fill in certain letters to prove they've sent their email to a human. One or two tell you that you have unsubscribed but it will take about 12 weeks for your request to take complete effect (yeah right...) and you may get emails meantime. One called Plaxo, allows you to unsubscribe from all categories you care to deselect but then inform you that you'll still be kept on their main mailing list for occasional emails. They have been informed that I'll report them to the Information Commissioner if they don't unsubscribe me immediately. Oh I am in a grumpy mood this week aren't I?

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